Radio Multe, named after the cloudberry, is an AM, FM and online community and experimental radio station in Bergen. The station is an ongoing inquiry about creative forms of communication and community. 

The station's physical address is Damsgårdsveien 229, Laksevåg, very close to the Marine shipyard.  We are located in the unfinished institution/ den uferdige institusjon. Be in touch if you would like to stop by. 

Instagram: @radio_multe93.8FM
Facebook: @RadioMulte93.8FM
phone: 46 223 074

Radio Multe welcomes proposals for broadcast and other forms of participation.  

Thank you for support from Bergen Kommune and Bergen Kringkaster, whose antenna and transmitter we use for our AM and FM signals at 93.8FM and 1314 AM. Online streaming is thanks to Wave Farm in New York. Our wonderful logo is by Marianne Hallseth in Bergen.  

Bergen's city newspaper Bergens Tidende did a feature about us recently here.